Local Deliveries:

We deliver to most of metropolitan Adelaide.

Blooms delivers to the following hospitals:

Royal Adelaide Hospital

What you can expect from our deliveries:

Unlike our competitors Blooms is proud to have its very own specialised courier.

Our courier is not a general courier; our courier is trained to handle floral arrangements with complete care and only carries flowers and gift boxes in a refrigerated van, which means that your deliveries are not subject to damage by parcels, or excessive heat and ensure that your arrangement arrives in optimum condition for maximum enjoyment.

Unlike other “specialised” couriers, we do not operate a changeover system, whereby our flowers are left in a depot until collected by a driver delivering to the designated area your delivery is going. Our driver picks up from our shop and completes the delivery run direct, there fore ensuring that your arrangement arrives speedily and with confidence that all delivery instructions are fulfilled.

Our courier is professional, selected for his strength of personality, presentation and understanding of service, with a clean corporate uniform bearing his name for easy and personal identification and even better he smiles!

Having our very own courier also means that we are able to contact him direct for any delivery tracking you may require.

In the instance that our courier is unable to complete a delivery, he will leave a delivery note to inform your recipient the time of attempted delivery and the outcome.

Interstate Deliveries:

Blooms are not part of a floral network or relay service, due to us unable to know the exact florist/ studio that will execute your delivery. We do not believe in the middle man taking a cut of what you are paying, just to enable you to send a delivery interstate.

Should you wish to send interstate, we have a list of reputable florists, that we have not only met, but stood within their stores.  We work closely with them, to ensure our customers receive the same high standards for quality, customer service and similar style to what you have come to expect from us.

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