One NIght In Rio - Scent Stems


A clever flameless scent solution for uninterrupted ambience. Passionfruit and lime are effervescent, like vibrant dancers. Melon keeps things sweet.

Feel the rhythm, feel the beat a thousand feet dancing in the streets.

Take in the magic of Rio's vibrant summer night of festivities, with the intense sweet scent, of ripe passion fruit, raspberry and crisp lime and orange.





Top Notes: Passion fruit, Lime

Middle Notes: Raspberry, Orange

Base Notes: Rose, Melon


Fragrance Strength: 5


RRP $16.95

Complimentary gift wrapped and presented into Blooms Flowers Signature gift bag.

Set your Scent Scene™ alive with Scent Stems™, a pure fragrance liquidless diffuser for a unique uninterupted experience that's exhilaratingly potent. Take in the laughter and spirit of Rio with this fruity and fun fragrance


All Glasshouse Fragrance diffusers have been hand poured right here in Australia.

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