Kyoto In Bloom - Scent Stems


Set your Scent Scene™ alive with Scent Stems™, a pure fragrance liquidless diffuser for a unique uninterupted experience that's exhilaratingly potent.

Allow yourself to be calmed in your own Zen temple, with the soft scent of camellia, lotus and amber, inspired with the simplicity of cherry blossom in full bloom and a focus on restraint, allowing you to see beauty in everything.



Top Notes: Fresh Lime, Bergamot and Citrus

Middle Notes: Camellia, Lotus

Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwwod, Musk, Vanilla


Fragrance Strength: 5


RRP $16.95


Complimentary gift wrapped and presented into Blooms Flowers Signature gift bag.

An innovative (and incredibly potent) liquidless diffuser evoking Japan in spring.


For longevity of fragrance, avoid placing in a drafty location near an air duct, fan, open door or window.


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