About Us

Blooms is and has been a leading Adelaide florist since 1981. It is a medium-sized family operated business based in the inner eastern suburb of Norwood, owned and managed by certified florist and trainer Catherine Manuelli. Along with our experienced and passionate team of certified florists, we are dedicated to bringing you the very freshest premium quality flowers in the form of our innovative contemporary and classic, lovingly-crafted creations.

Catherine Manuelli believes in old fashioned customer service. Her customers always come first in every business decision she makes, and it is her personal goal to not only meet but exceed the expectations of her clients. She spends many an hour painstakingly hand-selecting locally grown flowers at the market each morning to ensure they are exactly what the customer is hoping for.

Catherine’s 25 years of experience within the industry have not only seen her working for Adelaide’s former leading florists, but also given her a true understanding of the industry, and intimate knowledge of what is involved in the growing process to produce high quality flowers. Catherine has a mutually valued and trusting relationship with growers and suppliers to ensure the products sourced daily are to her exacting standards; even if it sometimes requires pulling on the wellie boots and traipsing through the muddy crops!

Catherine’s strong beliefs in buying local became more apparent five years ago whilst pregnant with her son. She began to look into what was required to produce the flowers, and what that meant for us as consumers and industry workers.

Blooms sells mainly SA grown flowers because they are not only direct from the farms to our vases, but they are truly ‘fair trade’; employing Australians on fair trade wages to sustain our economy and our agricultural heritage.  The best part is that they aren’t covered in the chemical nasties that our Australian quarantine need to put on those imported imposters that have been sighted on the flowers sitting in your supermarket trolleys or next to your fruit and vegetables.

We owe a huge thank you to our Blooms Community for joining us on this awesome journey and hope you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

For those who have just discovered us, welcome aboard; we hope you enjoy the ride.

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